2009 №7

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Elena E. Ivanova
Ural State University
Ekaterinburg, Russia

On the Composition of a Route Toponymic Dictionary

Citation information: Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics), 2009, Issue 7, pp. 28–35 (in Russian)

Abstract: Topical issues of onomastic lexicography, such as entry structure, place-name variation and choice of the main variant, as well as volume of linguistic, historical and cultural data about place-names in popular science dictionaries are examined by the author on the example of Place-Name Dictionary of the Middle Chusovaya River area. It is a ‘route’ place-name dictionary, based on a route toponymic survey during the field research. Place-name entries don’t follow the alphabetical order, but are arranged according to their succession – from the river-head to the mouth (with the bank mentioned). Such presentation is convenient in relation to the linear objects, especially such rivers as Chusovaya, which was the main transport artery of the region since old times. Entry structure is elaborated: place-name, geographical terms, providing type of object, geographical linkage (right or left bank), placename variants (including historical), etymological information, onomasiologic interpretation of the place-name. The dictionary is aimed to a wide audience; its genre is defined as popular science.

Key words: Russian language, toponymy, microtoponymy, Chusovaya River basin, Sverdlovsk region, onomastic lexicography, dictionary entry structure


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