2014 №1 (16)


Smirnov, О. V.
On the Permic Toponymic Substrate in Mari El and in the Middle Course of the Vyatka River (In the Light of the Ethnic Interpretation of Archaeological Cultures). 2

Zakharova, E. V.
On Some Oikonymic Models of the Eastern Lake Onega Region

Matison, A. V.
Personal and Family Names of Orthodox Clergymen and Members of Their Families in the 18th century (with Reference to the Clergy of Rzhev and Ostashkov Cities)

Skorvid, S. S.
On the Variability of the Family Names of Czech Migrants’ Descendants in the Northern Caucasus and Western Siberia

Karlova, O. L.
Collective Nicknames of Karelian Villagers

Gridina, T. A.
An “Elbum” for Elya: Given Names in the Linguistic Mind of a Child

Atroshenko, O. V.
On the History of Lexicographic Treatment of Chrononyms


Salomatova, О. V.
Anthroponyms of Non-Biblical Origin in Stefan Yavorsky’s Sermons

Kogan, E. S.
Proper Names in Dialectal Idioms: Stages of Idiomatization


Vorontsova, Yu. B.
Collective Nicknames of the Inhabitants of the Eastern Vologda-Kostroma Frontier: Materials for a Dictionary

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Gałkowski, А.
The Meeting of the Commission for Slavic Onomastics of the International Committee of Slavists and the 15th International Congress of Slavists

Kyurshunova, I. A.
The 8th International Onomastic Conference in Svyatogorye

A review

Book Reviews

Mullonen, I. I.
From Chud to Merya [Review of the book South-Eastern Contact Area of Finnic Languages in the Light of Onomastics, by P. Rahkonen]

Dushechkina, E. V.
Onomastic Space, or What, How and Why Do We Name? [Review of the handbook Onomastics, by T. V. Shmeleva]



Dmitriyeva, T. N.
Toponymic Field Research in the Basin of the Kazym River and Its Results


Vasilyeva, N. V.
Karlheinz Hengst's 80th Birthday