2010 №2 (9)


Baranova K. I., Fomin A. A.
Kys in The Kys: the Semantic Potential of the Name and its Actualization Mechanisms

Frolova O. Ye.
Biblical Names in Proverbs

Akhmetova M. V.
Notes on Russian Informal City Names

Feoktistova L. A.
Names and Their Derivatives in the Railway Workers' Jargon


Alpatov V. V.
English Metaphorical Place Names with Christian Associations

Razumov R. V.
Geographical Terms in the Systems of In-Town Place Names in Provincial Towns

Ivashova N. M.
On One of the Earliest Monuments of Russian Toponymic Lexicography ("Izjasneniye Nekotorykh Korelskikh Slov…" by P. P. Svinjin, 1829)


Krivoschapova Ju. A., Makarova A. A.
From Materials for the Dictionary of Russian Place Names Derivatives: Siberia (A Sample Dictionary Entry)

Onomastics Abroad

Ewa Rzetelska-Feleszko (1932-2009)

Rzetelska-Feleszko E.
Looking at Proper Names (Excerpt from In the World of Proper Names)

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Solovjev А. N.
Onomastic Agenda at the 4th International Congress of Russian Language Researchers “The Russian Language: History and Contemporary State”

Namitokova R. Yu.
7th International Conference “Issues of General and Regional Onomastics”

A Review

Book Reviews

Vasiljev V. L., review of Geographic Studies. Vol. 132 : Contemporary Place Names Studies

Ostash R. I., review of History of Russian Anthroponymy by S. M. Pakhomova


Bibliography of Works by G. M. Kert on Onomastics

New Books

New Theses on Onomastics (2008–2010)

In Memory of a Master

A. K. Matveyev