2015 №1 (18)


Holzer, G.
Mittelalterliche slavisch-deutsche Zweisprachigkeit in Österreich im Lichte onomastischer Mischbildungen

Alpatov, V. V.
Place-Names with Biblical Associations in England and Other Countries of Western Europe: A Chronology and Motivation

Sobolev, A. I.
Karelian Heritage in the Toponymy of the Southeastern Lake Onega Area

Kuzmin, D. V.
Geographical Terms of Russian Origin in the Toponymy and Dialectal Vocabulary of the Karelian Area of Tver Region

Vasilyev, V. L., Vikhrova, N. N.
On Hydronymic Catalogues Composition Principles: Cataloguing of Hydronyms of the Msta River Basin

Berezovich, E. L., Kuchko, V. S., Surikova, O. D.
Toponymic Legends and Historical Facts (Legends about Robbers in the Area of Vologda and Kostroma Regions Eastern Boundary)

Shvarev, N. M.
Russian Names with the Stem Balah(o)n- in Historical and Etymological Perspective

Ganzhina, I. M.
The Restructuring of Christian Personal Names in the Pre-National Period: Names Ending in *-ŏ (-ъ, -о)

Sapozhnikova, L. M.
The Cultural Component in the Semantic Structure of Monoreferential Proper Names: The Case of the German Language

Onomatologist's Tribune

Golomidova, M. V.
Urbanonymic Design: On the Naming of City Facilities


Volsky, K. P.
Dvina is a Russian Name

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Sokolova, T. P., Makhiyanova, L. R
25th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences “Names and their Environment”

A review

Book Reviews

Vlahova-Angelova, M.
Horizons of Bulgarian Onomastics (Review of the book: Choleva-Dimitrova, A . (Ed.). Izsledovatelski khorizonti na balgarskata lingvistika: Materiali ot Natsionalna nauchna konferentsiia, posvetena na 90-godishninata ot rozhdenieto na prof. dfn Iordan Zaimov [Horizons of Bulgarian Linguistics: Proceedings of the National Conference Dedicated to Prof. Yordan Zaimov’s 90th Anniversary])

Podchinenov, A. V., Snigireva, T. A.
Segui il tuo corso (Review of the book: Matveyeva, T. V. (Ed.). Ne prosto prozhitaia zhizn’: Biografiia A. K. Matveevа v dokumentakh i vospominaniiakh [A Life Full of Hardships: A. K. Matveyev’s Biography in Documents and Memoirs])


In Memoriam

Kalinkin, V. M.
Evgeny Stepanovich Otin, an Onomast: An Attempt of Scholarly Popularization in Minor Scale

A List of E. S. Otin’s Publications in Onomastics