2011 №2 (11)


Mazur L. N.
20th Century Russia’s History through Settlement Names

Kazakova E. D.
Vyatka and Vyatkans in the Russian Linguistic Tradition

Kachinskaya I. B.
Patronymic Models in Northern Russian Subdialects

Field Research in Onomastics:
to 50th Anniversary of Ural University Toponymic Expedition

Ruth M. E.
Ural University Toponymic Expedition: 50th Anniversary

Berezovich E. L.
Facing New Routes”: Reflections on the Work of Ural University Toponymic Expedition in the 1st Decade of the 21st Century

Mischenko O. V.
Kostroma Region Toponymy, an Electronic Database: Field Material Processing and Systematization


Volskiy K. P.
On the Hydronym Kenozero


Gerasimovich O. V.
The Faith, Hope and Charity Triad through Onomastic Nomination (with Reference to Eastern Slavonic Languages)

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Sokolova Т. P.
24th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences "Names in Daily Life"

Gałkowski А.
Meeting of the Commission of Onomastics at the International Committee of Slavists

Ponurko К. О.
Problems of Onomastics at the 23rd International Scientific Conference "Historical Geography: a Person’s Space vs. a Person within Space"

A review


Kabinina N. V., review of Toponymy of the Trans-Onega Region: a Dictionary with Historic and Cultural Commentaries by I. I. Mullonen

Plotnikova A. M., review of Precedent Names in Contemporary Russian Mass Communication: Theory and Cognitive Discoursive Research Methods by E. A. Nakhimova


New dissertations

Kuklin A. N., review of Oikonymy of Udmurt North by E. A. Sundukova

New dissertations (2009–2011)


Excerpts from A. K. Matveyev’s Mansi Diaries (1971–1978)

Work of the Toponymic Expedition of Ural State University: a Chronicle (1960–2011)