2004 №1


Мatveyev А. К. An Apology of Name

Litvina А. F., Uspensky F. B. A Chapter from the History of Name-Giving in the Rurik Dynasty: Namesake Princes and their Saint Patrons

Tchaikina Yu. I. Men's Names in Vologda and Voronezh in the 1st Half of the 17th Century

Zubov N. I. Female Theonyms in the Old Russian Interpretation of Gregory the Theologian's 39th Oration

Мladenova D. М. The Balkan Type of Astronymic Systems

Yudin A. V. The Jordan and the Danube in the East Slavonic Magical Folklore

Кryukova I. V., Suprun V. I. On a Historical and Linguistic Study of the Don Hydronymy

Shilov A. L. Nomenclature Terms in the River Rapids Names of Karelia

Dushetchkina E. V. The Father of all Nations' Daughter’s Name

Fomin A. V. Literary Onomastics in Russia: Results and Perspectives


Rodionova I. V. Derivatives of Biblical Anthroponyms in the Popular Linguistic Tradition (Materials for a Dictionary)

Academic Life

Conferences, meetings, symposia

Vasilyeva N. V. Leipzig Onomastic Symposium. 2003

Berezovich E. L. Оnomastic Problems at the 13th International Congress of Slavists (Ljubliana, 15–21.08.2003)


New Works on Ural Anthroponymy (Е. N. Polyakovа)

Sosnowski J. Toponimia rosyjska XVI wieku: Nazwy wsi [Russian Toponymy of the 16th Century: Village Names] (V. I. Suprun)

Kalinkin V. M. Poetika onyma [The Poetics of Onyms] (N. V. Vasilyeva)

Chuzhoye imya (Almanakh "Kanun". Vyp. 6) [Another's Name. Kanun Almanach. Issue 6]             (М. V. Golomidovа)

Kryukova I. V. Reklamnoye Imya: Rozhdeniye, uzualizatsiya, vospriyatiye [The Brand Name: Creation, Usualisation, Perception] (V. V. Bardakova)

New dissertations on onomastics


An Expedition to the Southern Veps (I. I. Мullonen)

New Data on Kostroma Toponomy (K. S. Verkhoturova, T. I. Кirisheva)

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