2022, Volume 19, Issue 2


Prósper, B. M., Medrano Duque, M.
Ancient Gaulish and British Divinities: Notes on the Reconstruction of Celtic Phonology and Morphology

Temirgazina, Z. K., Aselderova, R. O.
Kazakh Compound Anthroponyms with a Verbal Element: Propositional Structure

Popova, T. G.
Old Testament Names in the Text of the Ladder of John Climacus

Rácz, A.
Settlement Names Referring to Eastern Slavic Settlers in Medieval Hungary

Borlykova, B. Kh., Menyaev, B. V.
Towards the Study of Oirat Hydronyms of the Ili River

Kuzmin, D. V.
Historical and Cultural Value of Place Names of the Karelian Village Kolvitsa on the Kola Peninsula

Sundueva, E. V.
Toponymic Space of the Written Monument True Records of the Mongols of the Qing Empire

Ivanova, E. E.
Toponymic Legends of Ural Amateur Miners

Krivoshchapova, Yu. A., Goryaev, S. O.
“Stone” Streets of Ekaterinburg

Arutyunova, E. V., Beshenkova, E. V., Ivanova, O. E.
Uppercase and Lowercase Letters in Proper Names, Pseudonyms, Nicknames: Academic Rules of Russian Spelling


Mukhtarov, T. G.
Bashkir Onomastic Heritage in the Materials of Linguistic Expeditions in the 1920s–1930s

Qian Zixin
Chinese Personal Names Expressing the Idea of Manliness

Gorlova, T. V., Neganova, G. D.
Historical and Etymological Interpretation of the Old Street Names of the Town of Nerekhta in Central Russia

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, Congresses, Symposia

Bekasova, E. N., Suprun, V. I.
19th International Scientific Conference “Onomastics of the Volga Region”

In Memoriam

Bobrova, M. V., Rusinova, I. I.
Elena Nikolayevna Polyakova (1932–2021)

Bobrova, M. V., Rusinova, I. I.
A Bibliography of Works on Onomastics by E. N. Polyakova