2021, Volume 18, Issue 2


Tolstaya, S. M.
Two-Part Personal Names in the Proto-Slavic Language

Litvina, A. F., Uspenskij, F. B.
Partimofey Turgenev and the Weird Name of His

Rodríguez-Toro, J.-J.
Towards the History of Spanish Compound Anthroponyms with the Preposition de (Based on the 16th Century Baptismal Registers of Seville’s Parishes)

Gusenkov, P. A.
Revisiting the “West-Baltic” Type Hydronymy in Central Russia

Drešković, N., Spahić, E.
On the Etymology of the Oikonym Vogošća (Sarajevo Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bobrova, M. V., Zvereva, Ju. V.
Modern Toponymy of the Verkh-Yazva Rural Settlement (Krasnovishersk District, Perm Region)

Kruglyakova, T. A.
City Place Names and their Modification in Child Speech

Dziuba, E. V., Eremina, S. A.
Mimeticonym as a Result of Secondary Self-Naming

Fomin, A. A.
Onomastics in Pushkin Studies: The Names Larin, Larina, Lariny in Eugene Onegin

Dmitrieva, A. V.
Precedent Names in Russian Political Advertising: Representation of Value-Based Standards and Cultural Symbols


Dmitrieva, T. N.
Types of Spelling Mistakes in Personal Documents of Russian Citizens and Migrants Applying for Russian Citizenship


Nash, J.
Official and Unofficial Toponyms on Norfolk Island


Kuznetsova, R. S., Senator, S. A.
Creating a Toponymic Map of the Middle Volga Region Based on the Materials of the P. S. Pallas Expedition of 1768–1769

Book reviews

Kostylev, Yu. S.
Cultural Studies of Stone: Stones and Mountains in Folklore, Rites, and Toponymy. Review of the book: Ageeva, R. A. (2019). Kamen’ i gory v narodnoi kul’ture [Stone and Mountains in Popular Culture]. Moscow: Maska. 250 p.

Kyurshunova, I. A., Semenova, O. V.
Problems of the Lexicography of Modern Regional Nicknames. Review of the book: Bobrova, M. V. (2020). Materialy dlia slovaria sovremennykh prozvishch zhitelei Permskogo kraia [Materials for the Dictionary of Modern Nicknames of the Residents of the Perm Region]. St Petersburg: RHGA. 195 p.

Academic curriculum


In memoriam

Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch (1952–2020)