2020, Volume 17, Issue 1


Tolstaya, S. M.
To the Etymology of the Name Vladimir

Makarova, A. A., Popova, Yu. B.
Zoomorphic Pattern in Collective Nicknames among the Residents of the Russian North

Varnikova, E. N.
Semantic and Word-Formation Features of Horse Names in the History of the Russian Language (Based on the Inventory Books of Vologda Monasteries in the 16th — Early 18th Centuries)

Kostylev, Y. S.
Wrangel Island Toponymy Motivated by Zoology Vocabulary

Belyaev, A. G., Shubnitsina, E. I.
On the Origin of Russian-Language Hydronyms of the Shchugor River Basin

Datsishina, M. V.
Place Renaming and German Policy-Making in Temporarily Occupied Soviet Territories

Li, Mo, Ryabtseva, E. S.
Street Names of Shanghai and Ekaterinburg: A Comparative Study

Klimkina, O. I.
The House as an Object of Naming in the Turkish Urban Onomasticon: Structural and Semantic Analysis

Nanzatov, B. Z., Tishin, V. V.
Bayïrqu and Barγu: Deconstructing One Myth


Alikberov, A. K., Mudrak, O. A.
Arran and the Neighbouring Countries in the Parthanian Text of the 3rd Century Trilingual Inscription at Ka’ba-ye Zartosht (ŠКZ)

Alekseeva, A. S.
The Origin of the Folklore Hydronym Apolevta

Zagorovskaya, O. V., Lesnikov, S. V.
Onomastic Vocabulary of the Loyma Sub-Dialect (Komi Republic) and Contemporary Dialectal Lexicography

Kaziaba, V. V.
Researching Internet Nicknames: On the Methodology of Material Selection (Based on German-Language Internet Communication)


Ageeva, R. A.
E. M. Murzaev (1908–1998). Place Names: Popular Publications. A Review

Book Reviews

Falileyev, A. I.
Geographic Names of Flintshire, Wales. Review of the book: Owen H. W., & Gruffydd, K. L. Place-names in Flintshire. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2017. 272 p.

Plotnikova, A. A.
Old Believers’ Personal Names in a Foreign Language Environment. Review of the book: Ziółkowska-Mówka, M. (2018). System antroponimiczny staroobrzędowców mieszkających w Polsce [Anthroponymic System of Old Believers Living in Poland]. Toruń: Eikon. 469 s.

Academic Curriculum

Goryaev, S. O.
The 17th International Conference “Onomastics of the Volga Region”