2012 №2 (13)


Vasilyev V. L.
Structural and Derivational Typology of Russian Northwestern Hydronyms

Székely G. B.
The Upper Lozva River and Its Adjacent Territories Toponymy on the Handwritten Map by Antal Reguly (Karte NRO I. 1844)

Garagulya S. I.
On the Problem of Anthroponymic Identity (with Reference to English Given Names)

Tomasik P.
Are City Transport Route Names Relevant to Onomastics?

Fomin A. A.
Squaring the Circle of the Karenin Family: On the Associative Potential of the Main Character’s Two Names in the Novel by Leo Tolstoy

Dupraz E., Leroy S.
Proper Name and Linguistic Transfer: Appellative Derivatives of Ancient Proper Names in the Trésor de la Langue Française

Spiridonov D. V.
On the Ways of Lexicalization of the French épigone ‘follower, imitator’ (in Addition to the Article by E. Dupraz and S. Leroy)


Gordova Yu. Yu.
Onomastic Mapping

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Neflyasheva I. A.
8th International Scientific Conference “Problems of General and Regional Onomastics”

A review


Mullonen I. I., review of Substrate Toponymy of Arkhangelsk Pomorye by N. V. Kabinina

Ageyeva R. A., review of Indigenous Toponyms of Quebec and French Toponymy of Quebec (ethnolinguistic aspect) by G. S. Dorzhiyeva

Letova I. A., review of Aristophanes’ Comedy of Names: A Study of Speaking Names in Aristophanes by N. Kanavou


New dissertations on onomastics (2010–2012)

In Memoriam

Hengst K.
In memory of professor, doctor honoris causa Ernst Eichler (1930–2012)