2012 №1 (12)

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Irma I. Mullonen
Institute of Linguistics, Literature and History,
Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences
Petrozavodsk, Russia

Field Research of Karelian Toponymy

Citation information: Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics). 2012. № 1 (12). P. 87–94 (in Russian)

Abstract:  The article reviews toponymy field research carried out by the Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences during the past 40 years and aiming to create and enlarge the card index of Karelian and neighbouring districts’ toponyms. The author determines the boundaries of the examined territory, characterizing the extent to which Russian and Baltic-Finnish (Karelian and Veps) toponymy is studied along with toponymy collection methods applied.

Key words: Russian language, Finno-Ugric languages, Karelian language, Veps language, Karelia and neighbouring territories, toponymy, field research, toponymy field collection methods


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