2009 №7

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Anatoly A. Fomin
Ural State University
Ekaterinburg, Russia

Is Literary Onomastics Always Identical with Poetic Onomastics?

Citation information: Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics), 2009, Issue 7, pp. 57–67 (in Russian)

Abstract: The article examines presently existing definitions of the onomastic area which researches proper names in the literary works. Presence of the number of parallel names for this science (literary onomastics, poetical onomastics, stylistic onomastics, literary-artistic and artistic onomastics, poetics of onym, poetonymology etc.) can be explained by external and internal factors of its formation as a science. In particular, the paper views various ways of defining position of this discipline in the paradigm of philological sciences (through indication of the object and subject of studying, the area of object’s presence and its functional specificity). Observing the practice of applying several definitions to this linguistic brunch, the author concludes that the terms are not totally similar in respect of semantics, and proposes a number of suggestions for using them in the onomastic researches.

Key words: Russian language, theoretical onomastics, poetic onomastics, literary onomastics, stylistic onomastics, poetics of proper names, poetonymology, poetonym


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